With all of the available technology that is currently available to everyone, some people wonder if it’s still necessary to use a real estate agent when buying or selling their home. It’s really not that difficult any longer to find out what other similar homes in your area go for which helps determine its market value, and there are a number of places and ways in which you can advertise your home or search for a home to buy, so why pay commissions to a real estate agent instead of trying sell or buy a home yourself? In this article, we discuss the reasons why you should probably still hire a real estate agent when buying or selling your home.

Helps Mediate And Qualify Potential Buyers

Most homeowners are very busy and really don’t want the hassle of having to deal with a buyer who really is not qualified to buy their home. A prospective homebuyer’s inability to buy the home may be that they’ve over-estimated the amount they can afford to pay, or they may simply be someone who is tire kicking or looking for desperate sellers who are willing to let their home go at a price much lower than it’s real value. For the average homeowner, these types of buyers are a complete waste of time.

Someone who is trying to sell their own home often doesn’t have the experience to qualify buyers and it can lead to a tremendous amount of wasted time and frustration. Even worse would be the situation where your home goes under contract and is then taken off the market only to find that the buyer does not qualify for enough of a loan to make the purchase. While this cannot always be avoided even when using an agent, they do have the skill and experience to qualify viewers of the home to help reduce how much wasted time might be experienced and other potential buyers lost.

An average seller is not experienced with leading a customer that is serious too making an offer and this can further lead to more wasted time as well as missed opportunities. Those who are just looking at houses for fun or trying to find an unreasonably low priced home can be eliminated through this process but more importantly, those who are qualified to purchase a home are encouraged to make a serious offer to get the process started. Agents have the experience to walk a potential buyer down the road to making an offer.

Professionals Are Up-To-Date With Market Conditions

Many homeowners have careers in which they are very good at but that doesn’t mean they are skilled in the selling of Real Estate. If you needed to prepare your taxes for tax season you wouldn’t go to a car mechanic and when it comes to selling your house it is recommended you get a professional that has the experience to do just that. We have all heard that a lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client. In that case, the person is an experienced lawyer and it’s still not recommended that they defend themselves. When it comes to selling a home there are many facts and details that a lay person simply will not be aware of and the real estate agent can help the homeowner navigate their way to getting the best overall result.

Agents Have No Emotional Attachments To The Home

Whether you are selling your home or looking for a home to buy, using an agent allows a professional to negotiate on your behalf who is not emotionally involved. Often when we have lived in a home for a long time we get attached to it and this can interfere with our ability to effectively negotiate with the buyer. In the same way, if we are looking to buy a house and we fall in love with one, then we often negotiate irresponsibly because of our feelings of wanting the home. These situations can be avoided by getting the aid of a professional real estate agent who is not emotionally involved and can negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf.

Homeowners often fail to sell their home because they get wrapped up in their emotions and they don’t take what is a reasonable offer. In the same way, buyers get caught up in the emotion of falling in love with a house and then they put all sense aside when it comes to the price of the house. When buying a house, it is a long-term purchase and getting a reasonable price for it is important and should, therefore, be handled by a professional. When selling a home, it is equally important that you get a reasonable price because the money will often be used for the purchase of a new home or for retirement or other important purposes.

Agents Have Access To The Multiple Listing Service

Whenever you put your house for sale on your own the only places it is advertised is where you place the information. But when you contract an agent they are able to list your home on the Multiple Listing Service which means it will be in a complete database of current homes for sale. This means that a wider range of people will be aware of your home and that extends your opportunities to sell it.

This will not only mean that you have a better chance of selling it faster but it also increases the opportunity that you will get closer to the asking price than you otherwise would. The reason is simply that the more demand there is for a home, the more likely it is that a buyer will be willing to pay the price you’re asking. If no one is looking at your house or it’s on the market for too long then it devalues the home. But when many people are looking at and considering the house, then serious buyers will make a reasonable offer.

First Impressions Play A Significant Role In How Fast The Property Sells And For What Price

It is often the small details that play a major role in selling a property quickly and for a reasonable price. A real estate agent will be able to easily recommend things that you can do outside and inside your home that will make it more appealing. There may be things that to you are unimportant but more so to the average person while other things that are important to you are less so to the average person. The real estate agent works with buyers and sellers every single day and they have the experience of knowing exactly what catches a buyer’s eye and which things they really don’t pay attention to.

Knowing what things are best to improve on the outside and inside of your home will play a key role in how well it sells. Experienced agents will be able to tell you precisely what things on the outside that you can do that will take minimal effort and only a small investment but will make your home have more curb appeal. They will also give you recommendations for improving the kitchen and the bathroom as those are key rooms when buyers are considering a home along with other ideas that will help.

Agents Can Arrange A Special Showing For Other Agents

Someone who is selling their own home could never arrange for a special showing for real estate agents. But by contracting an agent, that person can do that very thing. The reason that its advantageous is that other agents come with a professional eye and they understand the buyers they are working with and they can then recommend the home to those buyers. This substantially expands the opportunity a homeowner has to sell their home. It also means that more people will look at the home and become interested in it so the homeowner is more likely to get a better price when selling it.

Having other agents exposed to the home also means that the homeowner is likely to get more qualified buyers looking at the home. That means when an offer is made it is from someone who has been fully vetted by the agent and is qualified to buy the home. This saves time, money, and frustration.

Agents Are Adept At Negotiating With Other Agents

Professional agents have inside information that helps him to better negotiate with other agents. Whether you are a buyer or seller it may be necessary that you negotiate with an agent. As an example, as a seller, the person looking at your home may be using a buyer agent to help them navigate the process of looking for and making an offer on a home. You may not have any skills negotiating with a professional real estate agent. By having a real estate agent of your own, that agent is able to negotiate on your behalf and the buyer’s agent will understand that they’re dealing with a professional with inside knowledge.

In the same way that an agent can help a seller, they can also help buyers as long as the buyer has contracted an agent to work with them through the buying process. If the buyer is dealing with the seller’s agent, then that agent has a responsibility to the seller and not the buyer. But when the buyer uses their own agent that person will negotiate on behalf of the buyer. This can often bring about much better results for both the seller and the buyer.

Avoid Mistakes

There are numerous mistakes that can be made when buying or selling a home. Whether it is failing to negotiate a reasonable price or getting the paperwork done correctly, there are many pitfalls that a layperson can make in the process. This is why it’s always better to get someone who is a professional and can help you avoid the mistakes. In a real estate transaction there often dozens of pages of documentation that are written in legalese that will put the average layperson to sleep and yet they are vitally important. You are far less likely to have emissions or errors if you use a professional agent who has insurance to protect themselves and you, which limits your risk.

Coordinate Upgrades And Repairs

Often when selling a home there are a number of minor upgrades or repairs you can do that will significantly improve your opportunities to sell the home quickly as well as getting a better price for the home when it sells. The problem is that you are not likely able to do the repairs yourself and you may find it difficult and troublesome to locate all the different companies or individuals that could do the work for you. Having a professional agent on your side means that they will usually have a long list of contacts for doing all the different recommended work.

Having access to the agent’s contacts will save you time, frustration, and will increase the likelihood that the workmanship and services are good quality. The agent is highly unlikely to recommend someone who is going to do poor work or that will charge an unreasonable price. In fact, it’s not at all unusual that these companies will give a discount because the agent regularly gives them business.

Some of the types of professionals that the agent is likely to have a list of include contractors, attorneys, landscapers, inspectors, and of course other agents. Many homeowners find that the agents help in getting these professionals is a huge relief. The homeowner may not know who in the area would be best to call on for their particular needs but by getting the recommendation from their agent they know that they’re getting quality professionals.

Avoid Direct Negotiations

Most buyers and sellers are not comfortable with direct negotiations. Often it can feel like a confrontation and that is always uncomfortable for most people. But agents negotiate every day as it is part of their job. This means that they are completely comfortable with it and because they are not emotionally involved in the purchase or selling of the home they can negotiate on behalf of their client.

For the average buyer and seller, this feature alone is invaluable. Because the average person is so uncomfortable with direct negotiations and confrontations it means they are unlikely to negotiate well on their own behalf. Putting it into the hands of a professional means that the uncomfortable feeling of negotiating is avoided while still having the purchase negotiated the best it can be on your behalf.

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